Hotel Villa Lecchi is in the Chianti between Siena and Florence in Tuscany

Villa Lecchi is a wonderful 4-star hotel located in the province of Siena, which was born from the restoration of a nineteenth-century residence that belonged to the Venturi Ginori family during that period.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to breathe a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, the fruitful encounter between the location's rich history and the utmost attention to detail of the current property.

Surrounded by two hectares of parkland and overlooking Via Cassia, one of the oldest roads in the Italian territory, Villa Lecchi is the perfect destination for those seeking the tranquility and beauty of the Tuscan countryside, while having the main tourist destinations in the region within convenient reach.

History of the villa

The rooms are in three separate buildings :

Current offers

Villa Lecchi
The history of Villa Lecchi
Historical residence

The first document where "La Corte de Liche" appears dates from 994. In particular, it is mentioned in the so-called "morgengabe", that is to say, the dowry asset that Tegrimo-Teuzo, son of Ava di Ildebrando, presented to Sindrada.
In 1086, Ildebrando's wife Ava, a woman of Lombardian origin, founded the Monastery of the Island, which is known today as Abbadia a Isola.
The genealogy tree, drawn up as an inverted tree in a non-notarised hence undated form (1150-1160), was spread by the monks of San Salvatore dell’Abbadia (a Isola) to ascertain the asset solidity conferred by the monastery founders and their heirs.
In fact, La Corte de Lecchi is the subject of donations, changing its name overtime from "LICHE" to "Castellum de Leke" in 1147.
During the twelfth century, the assets of S. Salvatore dell’Isola were indeed granted as a fief to the so-called "filii mazzi e filli rustici" heirs of Ava.
In 1399, La Corte di Lecchi is donated again to a Florentine cleric, who rejected the same in 1401 in favour of the Monastero S. Salvatore dell’Isola. As the Monastero S. Salvatore dell’Isola disappears, the assets of Santa Maria a Lecchi pass to the Monaci Cassinesi di Siena.

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spacious and comfortable

The hotel features a total of 37 rooms and suites, distributed in the Main Villa and two adjacent structures..

The Main villa is a three-storey building with 20 rooms and suites, divided into standard, superior, junior suites and executive suites.
The FARMHOUSE, probably one of the first buildings of the village of Lecchi, offers 6 rooms furnished with taste and attention to detail.
The LIMONAIA houses the restaurant, completely renovated in 2015, and 11 spacious rooms designed to help you spend your holiday in total comfort.

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for guests and ceremonies

Simplicity and tradition are the key ingredients underlying our culinary creations, which graciously combine the passion for good food and an experience spanning over twenty years.
We rely exclusively on ingredients from trusted sources, and our focus on quality and freshness guides all of our decisions. Every day, our staff prepares cakes and jams for your breakfast using local traditional produce, very much like all dishes that we will have the pleasure to offer.
To make your gastronomic experience truly unique, we have recently refurbished our facilities with shapes and appearances true to the inspiring principles of our culinary approach. Our dishes can be served in the dining room or in the front garden during the warm weather months.

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Bio Spa
wellness Centre

The bio-spa, built inside the park surrounding Villa Lecchi, offers an exclusive atmosphere and attention to detail to convey relaxation and wellbeing to its guests.

Our bio-spa uses exclusively "first cold pressing" products, made with organic and natural ingredients sourced from the Tuscan region.

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